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Update from David Packer, CEO - August 2016

Corporate Members
Posted by: David Packer, CEO | Last modified on 03/08/2016


What a few months we have had! Our Sections have just finished their very successful 2015-16 programme of events and are looking forward to the 2016-17 programme that starts in September. The London half-day seminar ‘On Track for Tomorrow‘ was its usual resounding success and there’s no rest during the summer as we finalise the arrangements for our international seminar ‘Fixed Track Forms for High Speed Lines’ which is being held at the Manchester Conference Centre on October 11th. With four papers from European experts and four from the UK it will be an excellent event.

Professional Registration has really taken off. All routes to membership are now open for Engineering Technicians and with one form and one process for all applicants it couldn’t be more straightforward. Employers are really getting behind our initiative, encouraging that professional recognition that you deserve. For Incorporated and Chartered Engineers all routes will be open by the beginning of 2017. To ensure it works well, we have a handful of ‘guinea pig’ candidates testing the soon-to-be-opened routes right now. We will refine our processes based on their experience, ready for the full launch. We now have four Engineering Technicians, three Incorporated Engineers and three Chartered Engineers professionally registered with the PWI. That’s a great result, when you consider that we only launched professional registration twelve months ago.

Another area that has seen tremendous growth is corporate membership. I’m delighted that we now have eighteen corporate members and ongoing discussions with still more. They are bringing further strength to the PWI through their involvement, particularly with their support to the Technical Board. It’s at the Technical Board where they have an important input to the Institution’s plans, both in the medium and long term. The PWI provides a service to the rail industry – a catalyst for improvement enabling better decisions to be made every day through the spread of knowledge. I’m delighted that the industry is at the heart of the PWI, helping us to develop better products and services – it’s our best guarantee of mutual success.

I hope that you enjoyed the July edition of The Journal that has just arrived. We have made some changes to its layout to make it easier to find your way to what interests you most. As always, we welcome your views on the changes we have made. It’s by listening to feedback that we can continue to improve what we provide -  we can build on what you like and adjust anything that doesn’t seem to be working as well as we hoped.

Success, of course, always spurs you on to the next challenge. The PWI’s executive team and Board will, over the summer period, start to turn their thoughts towards our development plans for 2017 and 2018. Our aim is to give ever better value to our members and we are always open to new suggestions on how best to achieve this. Our style is agile and innovative so, even though yours may be just one voice, I guarantee that we will listen and adapt. We are your Institution. No-one is more important than you, our members.