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  • West of England Section Meeting - Steventon Bridge: Intelligent Rule Breaking using Dynamic FEA Techniques
  • Constantin Ciobanu
  • Steventon Bridge: Intelligent Rule Breaking using Dynamic FEA Techniques (Garry Keenor, Group Engineer, Electrification, SNC Lavalin - Atkins)

    The talk will cover ​the problems faced by the Great Western Project at Steventon Bridge, and the sequence of events and constraints that led Network Rail to impose a 60mph on electric trains on an otherwise 125mph railway. It will describe the OLE-pantograph analysis techniques now available to the industry through Atkins’ D-RSS modelling system, and how these were applied by Atkins and Network Rail to the Steventon problem to successfully demonstrate the actual electric speed limit of the OLE through the bridge. The talk will describe the resulting train tests, and how they validated the modelling predictions. The talk will conclude by describing how the electric speed  limit was raised from 60mph to 110mph, and the potential of dynamic modelling approaches for other projects as part of cost reduction in electrification.

    Areas to be covered include:

    • The geography of Steventon and the resulting OLE conundrum
    • The sequence of events leading to a 60mph electric PSR
    • The development of the D-RSS modelling tool
    • The application of D-RSS to Steventon
    • The use of physical test results to refine the D-RSS model
    • The resulting modelling predictions
    • Physical testing and the use of rapid analysis techniques
    • Final outcomes for GW
    • Implications for cost reduction in electrification

    Meeting from 12:30 for a prompt 12:45 start until 14:00

  • 20/05/2020 12:30
  • 20/05/2020 14:00
  • Engine Room, Atkins, 5th Floor Milford House, 1 Milford Street, Swindon, SN1 1DW
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