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Inspecting IRJ's

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Christopher Brookes

15 June 2020, 12:11pm


I have read the civil engineering book on IRJs and found it very
useful. One question I have is regarding the de-lipping of the
IRJ particularly at this time of year with the warmer
temperatures. The ends of the rails are more susceptible to close
and make contact, dropping the track circuit. As a track
inspector I will be de-lipping any IRJs that appear to have a
certain amount of closure using my own judgement of when the IRJ
does need de-lipping. What would be a good measurement in mm when
you would say that the IRJ would need de-lipping?

Many thanks 


Andrew Steele

22 June 2020, 12:55pm

Chris , I think that you are correct to use your own judgement .
 There are so many factors such as type of rail section,
axle weights, linespeed etc. with IBJ's that a standard measure
measurement would not be possible in my opinion.  I would
say that delipping only goes so far and if you have a joint that
repeatedly fails  or causes excessive maintenance then I
would look to replacing that joint competely and perhaps
upgrading to a stiffer 6 hole Benkler or similar.  Regards

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