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Inspection & Maintenance

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Kerrie Illsley

31 July 2014, 12:49pm

Best practice in maintaining track and associated assets, including when to renew and 'sweating the assets'.

Alvin Zhang

18 January 2018, 6:32pm


I will like to know how to inteprete the notation of inspection frequencies.

What does 2/1, 1/0.5 and 0.5/0.25 represent?

Appreciate it.

Colin Hedderly (Guest)

13 November 2018, 9:41pm


Would be interested to know if any members have tried a resistance drill as a scientific means of assessing the internal condition of timber sleepers and bearers and giving early warning of deterioration? See explanation here:

Using google to search I cannot find any reference to this equipment being used by track maintainers.

I will be starting a trial with one from iml next week. ( ) and will share results via this blog as members may be interested.


Colin Hedderly (Guest)

21 February 2019, 8:33am

An update on above. The trials are a success and we are now making progress to purchase a resistance drill for our inspection and maintenance teams to use.  The value of the resistance drill is the ability to detect and measure degradation at depth through the timber.  It will be a valuable tool to use in support of the decision making process to replace timbers in the track.  I trialled it across P&C timbers (Good, Bad and Ugly) and it clearly gives an advantage over and above a visual inspection. I have prepared a technical bulletin on the technique for use in my company.  It can be made available to members upon request.


Gary Gibson (Guest)

29 March 2019, 10:14am


i also work in maintenance dep carrying out cyclic programme in depots and sidings and would be very interested to read the report on your resistance drill findings 

Colin Hedderly (Guest)

17 May 2019, 3:19pm

Hi Gary,

Drop me an email to



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