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J-Bars / Tie-Bars for Longitudinal Timbers

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Kenneth Shaun Merrifield

06 March 2020, 12:04am

Is there an RE/PW drawing available detailing the following track compnents:

1.  A standard J-Bar

2. A 'S' Hook used to connect J-Bars (in conjunction with wide longitudinal timbers

3. A standard details for a 25mm tie-bar that can be used in lieu of the above J-Bars

Does anyone know what Grade of steel is used for the J-Bar / Tie Bar rods?

Any help / info would be much appreciated.


Andrew Steele

22 June 2020, 10:42am


I doubt that an REPW drawing exists for what you need and I have
assumed that you have searched the index already before posting
and that you have had no joy. But I have been working with
somebody recently who is upgrading long timber bridges and I will
put you in contact with them once I understand the problem a
little more .  Email me with your contact details and I will cal you.



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