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Michael Robert Doughty

04 August 2016, 9:45pm

I read with interest Steve Featherstone's article "Use your letters with pride" in the July 2016 Journal. I don't believe as Engineers we use our letters to advantage, I am gulity of this as sometimes it seems a bit pretentious! I do, however, support Steve in this endeavour.

I recall sometime ago correspondence in the IET Journal E&T on this subject with correspondents proposing legal protection for the title Engineer for those Engineers registered with The Engineering Council. A number of correspondents wanted to go further and look at pre-nominals similar to the process adopted by FEANI for Engineers registered with The Engineering Council. This subject seems to have gone quiet, perhaps as a new Institution in The Engineering Council it is time to take up the challenge and promote the title Engineer with the capital "E".     

Mike Doughty.


Member Manchester and Liverpool Section.