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Studies into 'Ballast Memory'

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David Ratledge

16 November 2016, 12:31pm

Please does anyone have the background to the identification of 'ballast memory' as being an important influence on track quality? I remember this being found as a TQ influence after the Selby diversion was completed and BR Research also identifying this during work the track lab undertook. However I cannot find any literature about this and wonder if anyone can help with information. Any help will be much appreciated

Dave Ratledge


Constantin Ciobanu

18 November 2016, 1:11pm

I remeber reading about some research done in the UK on this but the only reference I have in hand is from Track Compendium - B. Lichtberger - see attached pages, mentioning "English examples" but without quoting the exact research.

This says that no lasting track correction results from lifting values below 15-20 mm and discusses briefly about design overlift.

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