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Handback engineer assessments

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Simon Stevens

29 April 2016, 9:08am

The company I'm currently working for are looking to run internal assessments for recently trained Handback engineers.

What I'm after is a load of questions for Handback engineer assessments, I need to put together about 4 or 5 assessments with different questions. Need to make sure these guys out there know their stuff as this is a highly responsible job.

Just need to make sure everything is done properly . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Simon smiley-smile.gif

Matthew Graham Beatham

08 June 2018, 1:55pm

Hi Simon,

We currently do Track handback courses and assesssments. We have developed our own assessment material over the years feel it is inappropriate to share this material openly. The best way to develop them is to use the standards and TEF3203 forms and create scenarios for each form/area such as what is the worst twist/gauge allowed in a given situation or what checks do you make on adjustment switches or what would the minimum CRT(W) be for a given situation. 

Regards. Matt Beatham, Intertrain UK.  


22 June 2018, 1:59pm

Iam a Railway Technician with The Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority, currently we are faced with problems of poor curve alignment along our mainline. We are supposed to manually realign these distorted curves because our Mechanical Tamping Machine is defective. Is there any curve realignment software available that we can use to assist in calculating the curve data before realigning these curves?

Peter Roberts (Guest)

23 July 2018, 6:14pm


i have developed post course - mentoring that run into assessment (post certificatio) and fulfill audit and speed level. It ties into current NR forms and standards 

Your welcome to to share these..

my my email is

drop me a line

Graham MacDonald (Guest)

22 August 2018, 11:15am

Re Speed Handback Engineers


Please note that Network Rail official training courses only take up to Level 2, anyone offerering anything more than this are not complying with Group and Line Standards and as such must be deemed nul and void. Level 3 and Level 4 can only be achieved by existing Speed Raisers with this competence 'mentoring' on site those who wish to attain the higher levels. This is not a classroom exercise. It is then up to the Mentor to say yes or no as to the Candidates competence. Minimum requirement as per Group Standard is 4 sucessful Mentorships for each level progression.

Yuriy Druk (Guest)

24 January 2019, 7:59am

Hi Peter,

Just wondering if you are still doing mentoring shifts for Track Handbacks.

I'm currently working as a LUL handback and need to complete my NWR Handback license.

Thank you.

My mob is: 07904503413 or 

Jerryjam (Guest)

21 March 2019, 1:09pm

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