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Handback Requirements on Platfrom Gauging Works

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Stephen Parkes

16 April 2018, 3:09pm

Hi All,

Just looking for some opinions on what others feel is the correct level of handback when re-adjusting copers with no assosiated track works. My civils collegues are working on the assumption that only the form 005 needs to be completed. I however belive that the track A-G needs to be completed by a competent Handback engineer due to checking and maintaining the clearnance and strepping distance to trains.

The standards are a bit vauge in terms of multi disaplinary works reading the Civ standards it only asks for form 005 however reading the TRK standards required Track Handback.

My argument is that if they cannot go into design and or are outside the construction tollerance with no time to re adjust before re opening to traffic how do they know if the adjusted copers are safe for trains to pass.

I welcome any thoughts and disscusions.



Tim Mead

22 May 2018, 8:51pm

Hi Steve,

I had this issue today at work and I consulted another P Way colleague and we share the same answer. I feel that this is in a grey area in the standards. For me the key is to manage the risk is in maintaining correct clearances and stepping distances. I don't see that we are "affecting the track". Forms A to G with a trackback handback is one way.

I believe that the CRE Civils for Construction needs to own this risk and control it. Form 5 is the documents and a suitable competent person must sign as nominated by the CRE. The design as approved by the Gauging Engineer will give target X & Y dimensions with acceptable tolerances. These will need to be checked using an approved platform gauging. If the copers have been installed to the design then clearances and stepping distances will be acceptable.

A couple of issues to check. The design dimensions are the relationship between coper edge and running edge as X & Y platform gauge results - don't listen to any claims that the copers have been installed to Civil Construction tolerances and therefore things are ok - meeting the X & Y dimensions are critical.

Watch any staging designs carefully, oversail block should be checked as well. Make sure that separate track and civils teams are properly coordinated and they understand the critical issue is meeting the X & Y values.

I am happy for you to ring me a work on 07786 338790 if you want to discuss.