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Posts for thread: Two rails, a few sleepers and a bit of ballast.

  • Plain line: Reliability, Accessibility, Maintainability, functionality, and other issues.

  • I work as a volunteer on the Glos Warks Railway.

    This winter, there is a proposal to deal with the poor track between Winchcombe Station and Greet Tunnel, a length of about half a mile. The problems to be rectified are contaminated ballast and rotten sleepers. (there may be a connection there!). Road access for JCBs, dump trucks and other road vehicles is difficult and the only real access is across a field and down the cutting slope - rather steep.

    However, I reckoned that Network Rail has many thousands of miles of single line with poor road access, so rather than us trying to reinvent the wheel, is it possible to find someone who deals with this sort of problem on a daily basis?

  • you could try mccullochs . They have various pieces of kit that we've used on single lines. They're very helpful and will visit the site if requested. Not sure if it's within your budget 

  • If you offer to let McCullochs have use of the site as a training exercise they may be will to negotiate a better price.

  • Our Railvac machines are more than capable of handling this type of re-ballasting/re-sleepering works and we are currently engaged on such works for the Western route.

    please contact me to discuss


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