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PWI - Technical Report Mentors, Assessors & Interviewers

Closing date: Ongoing

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Following the successful implementation of the standard route admission of Eng Tech, IEng and CEng members PWI is now embarking on the Technical Report Option (TRO) route for IEng and CEng. This route is for experienced engineers who do not have the required exemplifying qualifications, but are capable of demonstrating their understanding of engineering principles commensurate with the level of qualification required for the desired grade, i.e. BEng for IEng and MEng for CEng.

To assist in the introduction of the TRO route, the PWI is seeking volunteers to be trained as Mentors, Assessors and Interviewers. The role of a Mentor is to guide approved candidates though this route to the successful completion of a Technical Report. Assessors consider the completed Technical Report against defined criteria and if the required standard is reached, proceed to interview the candidate. Whilst trained volunteers can be both Mentors and Assessors/Interviewers, obviously a Mentor cannot assess a report in which he/she has been involved as a Mentor.

To be a Technical Report Mentor and Assessor/Interviewer volunteers should hold an Engineering Council accredited degree for IEng or CEng, be a member of PWI or any other Professional Engineering Institution in one of these grades and be experienced in railway track engineering. Full training for these roles will be provided and expenses incurred in attendance and performing the roles will be reimbursed.

Professional Review Report Interviewers can also be TRO Mentors and Assessors/Interviewers and application from these members is encouraged.