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New solutions to your old problems!

Railcare’s overall idea is to offer new solutions to old problems within the railway maintenance industry by combining our many years of railway experience with technology from other industries.

These unique solutions give you:

  • Trustworthy, well proven and reliable methods
  • Outstanding performance and capacity
  • Effective, less time-consuming projects
  • High quality result

Railvac air/vacuum excavation - The core of our business

Most of our major activities are based on Railvac air/vacuum excavation technology for effective removal of gravel, ballast, clay, etc. The method is also very sensitive towards any buried installations, e.g. cables.

To increase the excavation productivity even further, Railcare has developed a new reballasting concept - Ballast Feeder System that will be launched in the UK within 2017.

Efficient performance for 7-day maintenance

Thanks to the efficient performance and structural planning and implementation of every project the Railcare machine systems and methods are well suited for outstanding maintenance on a 7-day railway.

Focus on safety

Always safe - or not at all!

The highly mechanised working procedures enhances the overall security. In everything we do safety comes first and we have no incidents reported.

Active in the UK

Railcare has been active in the UK since the turn of the century and we are well acquainted with the UK railway system and its rules and regulations. In Sweden Railcare is one of the major niche contractors within railway maintenance and renewal.

Tel: 01332 647388