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SPX Flow

SPX Rail Systems is one of the UK's leading rail product manufactures, providing many of the essential elements that make the UK's railways amongst the safest and most efficient in the world.

SPX Rail Systems are responsible for well-known products such as BR843 level crossing barrier, BR 985 power pack and  RCPL / IBCL Clamplock. A dedicated team of engineers continually develop these products, providing a rolling innovation of new-generation technology tailored to fit the needs of an ever-changing industry.

Every piece of SPX Rail Systems technology is tested using one of the bespoke in-house testing rigs, including the actuated geometry S&C panel - the only one of its kind in the UK - which is able to simulate realistic track conditions. This rigorous testing allows the team to build sustainability and reliability into every design, making sure that a SPX Rail Systems product can be relied upon, even in the harshest conditions.