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Supporting the Rail Industry with Tensar geogrid solutions for more than 30 years.

For railways around the world, line speed restrictions and expensive and disruptive track maintenance are frequently caused by poor track geometry and misaligned rails. Tensar’s trackbed stabilisation technology has been proven to substantially reduce track maintenance, being the subject of extensive independent research and development and approved by Network Rail in the UK and National Rail Authorities worldwide. 

In particular, the large aperture Tensar TriAx TX190L geogrid has been designed to stabilise ballast to limit lateral movement and maintain alignment for longer. 

Cut construction, renewals and maintenance costs.

Compared with traditional trackbed construction, creating a mechanically stabilised ballast layer can:

  • Maintain track geometry for longer
  • Reduce the rate of ballast settlement
  • Reduce maintenance induced ballast degradation
  • Extend the rail track maintenance cycle by a factor of around three
  • Stabilise ballast for over 20 years