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Tracksure’s award-winning locking device prevents unintentional nut loosening and offers infrastructure managers significant operational and cost benefits.

Simple and effective, it requires no expensive capital equipment to install.

Tracksure products are proven to prevent unintentional nut loosening and saves money over asset lifetime. Less track failure, less "boots on ballast", enhanced worker and passenger safety! Maintenance regimes can be simplified, improving operational efficiency.

Tracksure products, already in use here in the UK on London Underground, in track in Spain, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Australia and North America, are suitable for any bolted joint which suffers from vibration loosening and/or settlement.

It comes in a range of sizes from M12 upwards and is suitable for retro-fitting to existing track and for OEM applications. It can also be tailored for bespoke applications.

Current applications include Brake Retarder systems, Breather Switches, Crossings, Tightly curved track, Temporary clamps & joints and Fishplates/Insulated joints.