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Techs Factor

19 February 2019

Each year the PWI London Section run the ‘Techs Factor’, which gives apprentices and young engineers, (26 years old and under), the opportunity to make a short presentation on a railway-related task or project which they have been involved in. Presenters are welcome from across the railway industry, however individual presentations may be given by a maximum of two people.

There is a judging panel and the best presentation is given the Peter Coysten award. The Techs Factor was initiated by Peter, who was a mainstay of the Committee for many years. 

The date for the Techs Factor this year is Wednesday 3rd April 2019. The venue will be the 10th floor of 55 Broadway, St. James’s Park, London.

If you or a member of your Teams would like to take part in the Techs Factor, then please contact the London Section by emailing Tom Utley

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