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London Techs Factor

London Techs Factor

15 July 2019

The 2019 London Section Techs Factor Competition was held on 3rdApril 2019.

The evening started with Oliver Scholey and Chris Harler from Balfour Beatty who presented on the Eleclink Project. They introduced the project to connect the UK and France Electricity grids using a HVDC cable fitted within the Channel Tunnel. 

They described the monorail system that will be used to pull the cable into the Channel Tunnel in 2.5km sections. The monorail system is fitted above the tunnel cooling pipes between the tunnel and the structure gauge. A key feature described was the supporting brackets designed with no welds. 

At present the monorail is installed and cable pulling utilising a bespoke haulage train is due to start soon. 

Next Heng Hoe Cheong from TfL described An Analytical Approach in Reviewing Plain Line Tamping on LU. He has been attempting to find if tamping affects the rate of degradation of track quality. 

To do this he took data from the Track Quality Dashboard for the JNP Lines. He filtered the data so that it excluded areas were not relevant. He attempted to correlate degradation rate against various factors including rail type, sleeper type, ballast age and tonnage.

The key lesson learned was that data should be unified as data sets are currently split across many sources.

David Tattersall from TfL presented on Modernising Track Maintenance and Asset Management with Computer Vision.

Computer Vison is the attempt to replicate the abilities of the human mind and eye using digital cameras and computing power. The benefits it has are for the collection of asset data and identification of defects utilising operational trains.

David’s aim is to be able to automatically collect track data using cameras and algorithms. The strategy is to first utilise existing data, then develop software and finally invest in higher specification equipment. In doing this project David has gained links into the discipline of Data Science. 

Finally Sam Jones and Mathew Norris described some their experiences on TGW (The Greater West) programme.

They described the project they were working on between Patchway and Cardiff on the Great Western Mainline and gave details of how they had endeavoured to get effective collaboration to aid in design delivery. They took the audience though the various design management processes they had used and how they managed various stakeholders.

Key challenges on the project included multiple designs with varying design maturity and limited space for construction in some areas.

Lessons learned were the importance of having “Rules of Engagement” for reviews combined with good designer reviewer relationships and construction input.

Following refreshments the judging panel awarded the Peter Coysten Trophy  to Oliver and Chris for their Eleclink Project presentation.

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