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The vast network of professionals, engineers and rail enthusiasts that make up our Institution is our greatest asset, and one that continues to serve our membership base – and the industry – on an unprecedented scale. It is through this network of talent that we have been able to achieve our Professional Engineering Institution status, putting the PWI on par with other leading professional Institutions. While we mostly operate in the UK and serve the rail industry of Great Britain, our community is global and we are constantly expanding our presence and influence in other countries.

The PWI comprises a Board of Directors, a central Executive Team that includes Marketing and Operations, a Technical Team and Technical Board, plus Section Committees that span the whole of the UK and beyond. We also have a network of Ambassadors who provide a bridge between our central teams, our Members and Fellows, and our Corporate and Heritage Railway Member organisations. And last but not least, we have our trusted Volunteers who regularly get involved in any way they can. Together, these individuals and groups form a collective of some of the most technically experienced and qualified talent in the industry, and through this unique community, we achieve our mission. Click through the links below to meet the faces behind these groups.


Our leadership includes the Board of Directors, the Executive Team and the Technical Team.


Our Sections span the whole of the UK, as well as some international Sections.


Our Ambassadors are situated throughout the Industry both in the UK and globally.

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Who else forms our community?

Our business friends

Working in close collaboration with the PWI’s core teams and people are the many professionals who are embedded within our Corporate and Heritage Railway Member organisations. With over fifty+ Corporate and Heritage Railway businesses signed up to our Institution, the professionals who work within them are an essential part of our community. From partnering with us to deliver the PWI Practical Trackwork Challenge, to sponsoring and speaking at our events, the significance of these individuals within our Institution cannot be understated.