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Additional Membership

If you are already registered with the Engineering Council through another professional engineering institution, you can apply to become a professionally registered member of the Permanent Way Institution at the same level.

As a professionally registered engineer you have satisfied the Engineering Council that you demonstrate the UK Standards for Professional Competence (UK-SPEC) for your registered grade. These are generic standards, applied by all professional engineering institutions.  

The PWI competence and commitment criteria fully comply with UK-SPEC. The PWI require an enhanced focus on safety and candidates must demonstrate their absolute commitment to the application and continuous improvement of staff and system safety.

The Additional Membership Application Form is structured to enable you to easily demonstrate how you meet the standard required to become a professionally registered member of the PWI.


Ready to apply?

Step 1. Review PWI Competence and Commitment Criteria for your registered level to check that you consistently demonstrate the behaviours required of a professionally registered PWI Member.

Step 2. Download the Additional Membership Application form and Guidance Notes.

Step 3. Complete your application and submit it for review.

Once you are a professionally registered PWI member, you can either pay your annual Engineering Council fee through us or your existing PEI. Contact for further information.