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Professional Registration Application Process

Are you preparing an application for professional registration?

UK-SPEC is changing
The Engineering Council has released a new version of UK-SPEC for all professional titles – CEng, IEng and EngTech – and the transition period closes this year. You can start to use the new version (black forms) straight away, for determination this year or beyond – but any applications on the current version (blue forms) must be assessed this year, which means submission no later than 1 November 2021.

The current version (blue forms) is no longer publicly available. If you will submit on or before 1 November 2021 and need to access any material for this version, please email your request to
We’ll be delighted to support you whenever you submit!
Do you Sponsor colleagues?
If you are or will act as a Sponsor for an applicant, please familiarise yourself with the new requirements.



The application process for all three levels is summarised below:

  EngTech IEng     CEng    

1. Be a member of the PWI – Join here

x x x

2. Check you have fulfilled the academic requirements

  x x

3. Complete and submit an Initial Application form 

  x x

4. Complete the EngTech/IEng/CEng Application form 

x x x

5. Complete your Professional Review Report

  x x

6. Get one supporter and one sponsor

x x x

7. Submit your Application form

x x x

8. Submit your Professional Review Report

  x x

9. Have a Professional Review Interview

  x x

10. Receive the Membership Committee’s decision

x x x


Professional Review Interview Dates

The PWI will be conducting Professional Review Interviews in the weeks commencing:


13 December 2021

7 March 2022

6 June 2022

19 September 2022

12 December 2022

Please state your preferred dates on your Initial Application form. You must ensure your completed application form and Professional Review Report reach us at least 6 weeks prior to your interview.