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Experiential Learning

If you’re aiming for CEng and hold qualifications that are accredited as meeting the academic competence requirements for IEng, or as partially meeting the requirements for CEng – then you are eligible for this route.

If you have already attained IEng via an individual assessment, then our Academic Panel will determine on a case-by-case basis if this is a suitable route for you.

This route enables you to bridge the gap between the qualifications you have and the academic requirements for CEng, by demonstrating that you have acquired the underpinning knowledge and understanding needed, through work projects and career experience. You will need to include reflections on those experiences to show what you learned.

Experiential Learning submission formReady to apply?

Step 1. Have your eligibility for the route confirmed by the Registration team

Step 2. Review the Experiential Learning CEng Guidance

Step 3. Identify a Sponsor 

Step 4. Complete the Experiential Learning CEng Submission and submit it with all required documents and the application fee 

Step 5. Assessors recommend there is sufficient evidence of the learning outcomes being met to satisfy the CEng academic competence requirements 

Step 6. Receive the Academic Panel’s decision

Once this route has been successfully completed you will be ready to move onto the Professional Review stage.

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