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Technical Report Option

The Technical Report Option is a rigorous, yet straightforward route open to any rail infrastructure engineer who does not hold the necessary exemplifying qualifications.  This process enables practising engineers to demonstrate that they have attained the required knowledge and understanding of the underpinning scientific and engineering principles, to the required level, through their career and professional development.

The Technical Report Option (TRO) has four steps:

Step 1. Complete the Initial TRO Application form and return it with your application fee and CV.

Step 2. Complete the 500-word synopsis of your technical report

  • Download IEng TRO 500-word synopsis guidance (link coming soon)
  • Download CEng TRO 500-word synopsis guidance (link coming soon)

Step 3. Write your technical report.

Step 4. Attend a technical interview.

Once the technical report and interview have been successfully completed you will be ready to move onto the standard Professional Review stage.


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