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Technical Report Option

The Technical Report Option is a rigorous, yet straightforward route open to any rail infrastructure engineer who does not hold the necessary exemplifying qualifications.  This process enables practising engineers to demonstrate that they have attained the required knowledge and understanding of the underpinning mathematics and scientific and engineering principles, to the required level, through their career and professional development.

The TRO route is a challenging process, demanding the same level of commitment and acumen required to complete an accredited degree. It is important that you have the backing of two colleagues who know you well and believe that, in addition to their support, you have the capability to achieve your desired level. 

Your supporter should be someone who knows you well and works with you on a regular basis, such as your line manager or a colleague.  Your sponsor/mentor must be a registered Chartered engineer with any Engineering Council listed professional engineering institution. Again, they should be someone who knows you well.


Ready to apply?

Step 1. Identify your sponsor and supporter and ensure everyone reads the TRO Guidance Notes. Your sponsor should also read the TRO Sponsor Guidance Notes.

Step 2. Complete the Initial TRO Application form and return it with your application fee and CV

Step 3. Complete the 500-word synopsis of your technical report

Step 4. Submit your 500-word synopsis to the Academic Panel for review and approval

Step 5. Write your technical report

Step 6. Attend a technical interview

Once the technical report and interview have been successfully completed you will be ready to move onto the Professional Review stage.

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