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Which Route?


Professional registration is open to everyone who can:

  • Demonstrate both competence to perform professional work to the necessary standards, and commitment to maintain their competence
  • Work within professional codes
  • Participate actively within the profession.

Which route to registration?

Before a candidate can proceed to the Professional Review stage, he or she must be able to demonstrate that they have the engineering knowledge and theoretical understanding required for the level of registration they are seeking.  It is about depth of understanding, as opposed to breadth, so candidates seeking Chartership will need to possess a depth of knowledge equivalent to that obtained through a Master's degree and for Incorporated status, the equivalent understanding to that of a Bachelor degree.  

Academic qualifications – Standard route

This is where academic and vocational qualifications can help as they validate a candidate’s level of knowledge and understanding, enabling them to progress straight to the Professional Review stage.  If you hold an academic qualification(s) or are considering starting a course, please use our Standard Route to Registration chart and the Engineering Council’s Accredited Course search to determine the level to which you are eligible to apply.

You may have a degree or range of qualifications that at first appear not to meet the academic standard for registration. Don’t worry; we will be able to review and assess your qualifications through our Academic Assessment Panel.  This assessment will determine if you can progress straight to the Professional Review stage or whether there is an academic gap that needs to be filled by further learning.

If your qualifications do not meet the academic standard for your aspired level of registration, we would encourage you to apply immediately for the grade to which you are eligible to apply.  Attainment of this grade will reduce the academic gap required for the next stage, enabling you to move more quickly towards your aspired level.

On the job experience – Individual route

All round professional competence is the deciding factor and our Technical Report Option enables applicants without the necessary exemplifying qualifications to demonstrate the required knowledge, understanding and skills.  This rigorous, yet straightforward route is open to any rail infrastructure engineer seeking to fill their academic gap and attain their aspired professional grade.

Use our Professional Registration Guide to establish your route to registration.

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