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Section Details

Chairman: Jonathan Bray

Secretary: Thomas Utley

mob: 07885 732231, e-mail:

Meeting Venue

10th Floor, London Underground, 55 Broadway, London, SW1H 0BD, above St James Park Tube.

 Refreshments available from 17.30 for 18.00 start.

Please follow link to events calendar for details of section meetings


Section Programme 

Monday 8th January 2018 - 55 Broadway, London

Acton Dive Under (Phil Holbourn, Project Engineer, Network Rail)

Tuesday 6th February 2018 - 55 Broadway, London

Remote Monitoring of Earthworks (Mike Mustard, Findlay Irvine)

Wednesday 7th March 2018 - 55 Broadway, London

Crossrail Trackforms (Mike Allen)

Monday 16th April 2018 - 55 Broadway, London

Techs Factor Competition - Come along and enjoy an evening of “The Techs Factor” supporting the development of Young Engineers.

Wednesday 25th April 2018 - PWI Electrification Technical Seminar

PWI Technical Seminar: Railway Junctions - The Electrification Challenges

Wednesday 23rd May 2018 - 55 Broadway, London

Half Day Technical Seminar - The Four Seasons of Maintenance - Book your space now

Monday 4th June 2018 - 55 Broadway, London

Asset Management: Get it Right, Get it Wrong (John Dolan)

N.B. Change of paper & speaker!