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Industry Guides and Papers


Here you'll find useful industry guides and papers. We are continually adding to these. If you wish to submit a guide or paper for inclusion please send to Brian Counter

Track Guides

A Guide to Track Bed Micro Piling

General Guidance for Low Noise and Low Vibration Slab Track

A Guide to Track Stiffness

Introduction to TSWG & Guide

Track Maintenance General Guides

The following guides were published by Railtrack. Please note that they are general guides and should be used in conjunction with current company standards. The PWI gives no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or fitness for purpose of the guides.

Creep in Jointed Track Guide 2000

Insulated Rail Joints Guide 2001

Maintenance of Track Gauge Guidelines 1999

Management of Cyclic Top Guide 2002

Twist Faults Guide 2002

Heritage Railways Guides

Professional head guidance for heritage railways on the inspection and maintenance of permanent way and the inspection and assessment of other infrastructure that is necessary for the safety of the line.


GHR_Doc_2_Managing the PWay

GHR_Doc_3_PWay Standards

GHR_Doc_4_Visual inspection

GHR_Doc_5_Trackwork information sheets

Network Rail has agreed that heritage railways who are members of the Permanent Way institution can access its standard NR/L2/TRK/001, Issue 6, December 2012 – Inspection and Maintenance of Permanent Way to set standards for heritage railways. 


NR/L2/TRK/001, 'Inspection and Maintenance of Permanent Way', issue 6 December 2012 is an 'uncontrolled' legacy document and Network Rail accept no liability for its use. Its entirety no longer represents current practice on the Network Rail permanent way system and should any heritage railway wish to access current versions of the standards they may access them by paying for a licence through IHS. Use of the standard must also be by competent engineers under the direction of the designated responsible engineer on each heritage railway.

(PWI members only) NR_L2_TRK_001_00




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Quattro Group White Paper 2 - The future of the on track plant industry within Great Britain