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Technical articles from PWI Journal

Here you'll find a variety of articles from the PWI Journal, ranging from technical to projects to general interest.

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PWI Journal October 2017 Vol 135 Part 4

Track safety summary

Investigation of baseplate pad life on the London Underground Jubilee line extension

Rail thermal force calculations for jointed track: Article 3

The evolution of permanent way - part 4

Network Rail Track Engineering Conference

The challenge of level platform access: A best practice approach

Fault tree for poor drainage mechanisms of railway ballasted track

PWI Journal July 2017 Vol 135 Part 3

Developing professionals competition - Plant for electrification

Goodwood Junction grade separation project; Adelaide Australia

Health and safety aspects in track works construction

Optimisation of track stiffness on the UK railways

Rails - On our mettle Seminar

S&C refurbishment Extending life of S&C components with mobile rail rotational planning machines (DHOB)

The evolution of permanent way 3

Track safety summary

PWI Journal April 2017 Vol 135 Part 2

Design and construction of Farnham Road trap points

Development, testing and application of recycled plastic composite sleepers

Network Rail Track Engineers' Conference

Northern Hub and Beyond Seminar

Rail thermal force calculations for jointed track Article 2

The evolution of permanent way 2

Track safety summary

PWI Journal January 2017 Vol 135 Part 1

An introduction to rail thermal force calculations Article 1

Fixed track forms for high speed lines Tech Seminar

Progress on Rail management strategy & improving the wheel/rail interface Tech Seminar

Resilience of rail support systems - the use of plastic sockets

Switch protection using the top of rail friction modifier system

The evolution of permanent way 1

The OLE design process improvement

Track safety summary