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Technical articles from PWI Journal

Here you'll find a variety of articles from the PWI Journal, ranging from technical to projects to general interest.



PWI Journal July 2019 Vol 137 Part 3

From the Technical Director

What in the world…? Russia and its high speed railways

PWI Electrification Technical Conference

Technical justification for 6mm T pieces

The Repoint Project

TrackWater: Optimising railway drainage maintenance using IoT sensors

The influence of sleeper material characteristics on track behaviour

PWI London Technical Conference

RADEAN: Use of data to analyse rail wear and identify trends

Central Manchester close out: Challenges, innovation and lessons learnt on Northern Hub Work Package A

Deriving track geometry from survey data: a network-wide study Stobart Rail & Civils and Network Rail’s partnership

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PWI Journal April 2019 Vol 137 Part 2

From the Technical Director

PWI Practical Trackwork Challenge 

REF Scotland Competition: Class 365 Introduction for ScotRail

What in the world…? California From double track to triple track

An explorative case study: Collaborative working and integrated data management in track renewal projects

PWI North West Technical Conference

Bezgin-Kolukırık Equation to estimate dynamic impact forces on railway tracks due to wheel flats

Innovative application of rail fastenings for HS2

Optimisation of railway switches


PWI Journal January 2019 Vol 137 Part 1

From the Technical Director

PWI & UEEIV 2018 Technical Conference

Implementation of a phased array rail weld inspection programme for London Underground

Design and analysis of cast railway crossings: experimentation and simulation

Atmospheric railways: A look to the past to drive the future

The role of energy absorbing materials in heavy haul rail for minimising track degradation

What in the world…? New Zealand The Kaikoura Job; Rebuilding Kiwirail’s Main North Line

Network Rail Track Engineering Conference 

Understanding wheel/rail interaction - A unique opportunity

Track safety summary


PWI Journal October 2018 Vol 136 Part 4

From the Technical Director

Network Rail Track Engineering Conference

The use of Geocells reinforcement to improve the structural performance of the railway track bed in the UK

The engineering assurance of rail projects

HSGT Systems: HSR, Maglev and Hyperloop

Check rail application rules on London Underground

The Vipre. Risk-based inspections on London Underground

Single span strengthening of a listed masonry arch railway viaduct

Use of inherent standard deviations as track design parameters Part 2

Making tracks to the front line: Light Railways on the Western Front in WW1

Project of the Century: Rail Baltica

Journal of Proceedings from the PWI & UEEIV international conference


PWI Journal July 2018 Vol 136 Part 3

From the Technical Director

The perils of a selfie stick 

Jubilee Line capacity enhancement 

Trimble SX10 – Revolutionising surveying capabilities Corrosion in the rail industry  

US railways today: Part 2: The Infrastructure 

From S&C to X&Y seminar

Railway junctions: The electrification challenges seminar The four seasons of maintenance seminar

Investigation of an unusual rail wear pattern 

Track geometry standard deviation calculator Part 1 


PWI Journal April 2018 Vol 136 Part 2 

From the Technical Director

Track safety summary

Aerodynamic effects on railway infrastructure

US railways today part 1: The context

Plant matters. Thought for the day – What is reliability?

A hybrid experimental-numerical approach to predict ground vibrations from localised railway defects

The cans and cants of railway curves

Exercise turnout 17. Reserves keep the MOD on the right track

Shallow-depth asphalt trackform development

Building a railway 50 years ago - The Gulf Oil refinery branch line

The Hardlock Nut

Progressive assurance for S&C renewals


PWI Journal January 2018 Vol 136 Part 1

From the Technical Director

Defining ballast life

Developments and progress on track renewals on London Underground

High speed rail - The technical challenges - Seminar

The evolution of permanent way - part 5

Network Rail Track Engineering Conference

Rapid soil stabilisation method for high volume mainline track

Studs and squats - A best practice approach

Switch and crossing steelwork renewals

The science of bolt technology

Young persons’ practical trackwork challenge - Didcot


PWI Journal October 2017 Vol 135 Part 4

From the Technical Director

Track safety summary

Investigation of baseplate pad life on the London Underground Jubilee line extension

Rail thermal force calculations for jointed track: Article 3

The evolution of permanent way - part 4

Network Rail Track Engineering Conference

The challenge of level platform access: A best practice approach

Fault tree for poor drainage mechanisms of railway ballasted track


PWI Journal July 2017 Vol 135 Part 3

From the Technical Director

Developing professionals competition - Plant for electrification

Goodwood Junction grade separation project; Adelaide Australia

Health and safety aspects in track works construction

Optimisation of track stiffness on the UK railways

Rails - On our mettle Seminar

S&C refurbishment Extending life of S&C components with mobile rail rotational planning machines (DHOB)

The evolution of permanent way 3

Track safety summary


PWI Journal April 2017 Vol 135 Part 2

From the Technical Director

Design and construction of Farnham Road trap points

Development, testing and application of recycled plastic composite sleepers

Network Rail Track Engineers' Conference

Northern Hub and Beyond Seminar

Rail thermal force calculations for jointed track Article 2

The evolution of permanent way 2

Track safety summary


PWI Journal January 2017 Vol 135 Part 1

From the Technical Director

An introduction to rail thermal force calculations Article 1

Fixed track forms for high speed lines Tech Seminar

Progress on Rail management strategy & improving the wheel/rail interface Tech Seminar

Resilience of rail support systems - the use of plastic sockets

Switch protection using the top of rail friction modifier system

The evolution of permanent way 1

The OLE design process improvement

Track safety summary