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Incorporated Engineers maintain and manage applications of current and developing technology, and may undertake engineering design, development, manufacture, construction and operation.

Incorporated Engineers have theoretical knowledge to solve problems and deliver engineering tasks, contribute to project planning and to developing others. They have good interpersonal skills, can work safely and sustainably, and are committed to professional engineering values.

Professional registration as an Incorporated Engineer not only recognises your proven commitment, skills and experience as an engineer, but also identifies to employers that you have the competence, expertise and work ethic that they value.

Steps to become an Incorporated Engineer

All the documents you need can be found at the bottom of this page

STEP 1 What's required

To be professionally registered through the PWI, you’ll need to be a member. Join here.

Do you hold a formal qualification, recognised as meeting the academic requirements?

  • Yes. Great! You’re on the recognised route to registration. Now check your Professional Competence.
  • No, but I do hold some formal qualifications. Wonderful! You’re on the individual route to registration. Apply for an Academic Assessment and our Academic Panel can determine if your qualifications meet the requirements.
  • No, and I don’t have any qualifications just loads of industry experience. That’s great too! You’re on the individual route to registration and we can advise on the options available to you to fill the gap. Contact us at
  • Flowchart for routes to IEng registration

Do you have the necessary career experience to demonstrate the professional competences?

  • Review the PWI IEng Competence and Commitment Criteria to check that you have the necessary career experience to become a professionally registered PWI IEng member.
STEP 2 Ready for professional review

Confirm that you have one of the following:

  • A recognised qualification for IEng registration
  • Confirmation from the PWI Academic Panel that your qualifications meet the requirements for IEng registration
  • Confirmation from the PWI Registration team that you have successfully completed an approved route to IEng registration.

Review the detailed application Guidance Notes on registration to help you understand the requirements of the written report and prepare for your professional review interview.

Identify a Sponsor (a registered engineer with any Institution) and Supporter (someone in work who knows you well) to assist you through the process, and share the Sponsor Guidance with them.

Complete our Initial Application Form and return it with your application fee. We will require your full application at least six weeks in advance of interview.

Complete your Professional Review Report of approximately 5,000 words. The report should highlight your experience, responsibilities and expertise and provide evidence and clear examples of how each of the competences has been met.

  • You might find it helpful to take a look at the Exemplars at the bottom of this page

Submit your full application to, to include:

  • Application Form – signed by your Supporter and Sponsor
  • Professional Review Report – signed by your Sponsor, plus any supporting evidence (not more than 12 A4 sides and 3 A3 drawings)
  • Qualification certificates and transcripts – signed by your Sponsor as true copies of the originals
  • Professional Development Plan for the current year / forthcoming 12 months, which should include how you will adhere to our Code of Professional Conduct and support the Institution and profession
  • Continuing Professional Development records for the past three years, detailing at least 30 hours’ of activities in each year and your evaluation and reflections of each activity
  • Application fee.
STEP 3 The review process

Two registered engineers will independently review and assess your full application to confirm that there is sufficient evidence of the competence and commitment criteria being met to enable you to progress to interview.

You will be invited to attend a Professional Review Interview with two registered engineers to demonstrate your competence and commitment.

The Reviewers will make a recommendation on your election to the PWI Membership Committee and they take the decision. We aim to notify you of the outcome within six weeks of your interview.

Are you already registered elsewhere?

If you are already registered with the Engineering Council through another professional engineering institution, you can apply to become a professionally registered member of the PWI at the same level through Additional Membership, and be recognised in your chosen field as committed to rail engineering and safety.

If you are already registered with the Engineering Council through another professional engineering institution, you can apply to become a professionally registered member of the PWI with the same title.

As a professionally registered engineer you have satisfied the Engineering Council that you demonstrate the UK Standards for Professional Competence and Commitment (UK-SPEC) for your registered grade. These are generic standards, applied by all professional engineering institutions.

The PWI competence and commitment criteria fully comply with UK-SPEC. The PWI require an enhanced focus on safety and candidates must demonstrate they understand the safety implications of their role and have experience to apply, manage and improve safe systems of work within a railway context.

The Additional Membership Application Form is structured to enable you to easily demonstrate how you meet the standard required to become a professionally registered member of the PWI.

All the documents you need can be found at the bottom of this page.

Ready to submit? Send to

Registrant feedback

Incorporated Engineer documents

IEng professional registration

Additional Membership

To apply for Additional Membership, submit:

  • Completed application form signed by you, your Supporter and your Sponsor
  • Supporting evidence is encouraged but must not exceed 12 A4 sides and 3 A3 drawings
  • Copy registration certificates from the Engineering Council and your Institution, verified by your Sponsor
  • Copy qualification certificate and transcripts, verified by your Sponsor
  • Your CPD records for the past 3 years, with 30 hours activity per year plus reflection
  • Personal Development Plan, which should include how you will support the Institution and profession
  • Application fee (pay in the shop)
  • Ready to submit? Send to

Our professional registration LinkedIn group gives those on their journey a forum to connect with each other and existing registrants to raise questions, discuss challenges and gain support from their peers. We encourage members to treat this as an alumni network for PWI Professional Registration, allowing individuals to form friendships, engage with those who have undertaken the same journey, and to offer experiences and mentorship to others when possible.

Help from the professionals

The PWI Professional Registration Development Team are here to support individuals who are thinking about, or have already begun the process of gaining a professional title. 

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